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What is the Film Academy?

All the TV, film, and internet content we consume must be created, designed, and produced. The Renaissance High Film Academy allows students to take an active role in that content creation.  As engagement with media content increases, so does the demand for employment. While other WCS high schools offer a traditional A/V course focused on broadcasting, this is the only school dedicated to single-cam filmmaking in Williamson County. Even if a student does not want to pursue a career in this industry, the corporate world now considers experience in film/video editing and the ability to create a visual story to explain, sell, or educate as important and valuable as an applicant’s written communication skills. Classroom teachers will be able to embed project-based learning opportunities to allow Audio, Art, and Film students to collaborate to creatively demonstrate and apply what they learned in their other courses. Students in the Film Academy will gain real-world experience through hands-on projects and project-based collaboration with the Art and Audio Academies. These students will create music videos, short films, screenplays, documentaries, and capstone projects, and they will also capture our unique school events like coffee-house and theatrical performances for our Renaissance YouTube channel.  


Student Work

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